One of the biggest challenges to reconciliation and peace building processes in the footsteps of war and genocide is trauma, or rather: Post Traumatic Stress reactions. They are equally challenging in any peacful and stable society and part of the human response system involved in handling unforeseen and overwhelming situations.

Contrary to what many claim Traumatic Stress can be healed, and it is possible without traditional talk therapy or medication, and most importantly, without having to search or relive details of the experiences that have led to these responses. We have results from a couple of sessions that we have followed over six years with sustaining results.

We have hands on experiences from working with large groups from 10-100 persons simultaneously, using local music and poetry to incorporate the bihemispherical activation and change of state that can reset the conditioning reflex. We run two trauma centers with documented case studies and we are collaborating with stress researchers in the field of measurable bio-feedback. Mostly: our results are inspiring. Watch our testimonials from Rwanda, D.R. Congo or Tchad at