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Hypnos för huvudvärk och halvsidesförlamning

Det var sommar. Det var fest. Jag hade precis fyllt 19 år och var som mest odödlig i mitt liv. Jag hamnade i slagsmål. Färden efter hjälp, slutade i respirator”! Sommaren 1992 var jag på fest hos en kompis i… Continue Reading →


Optimize your team to work in flow with the key techniques and tools that allow them to bounce back from adversity and reach their full combined potential.


When individual players are moved from one country to another their performance is usually impaired by cultural factors. This adaption time can be shortened allowing peak performance at the earliest stage.

Individual Athletes

Every athlete will perform greatly on their best day. Mental training is about making every day that day. Next Step Mental Training is about getting there sustainably and incredibly fast.

Dalkurd to All-Swedish!

Dalkurd Makes it to the All-Swedish Top League!!! Team peak performance and resilience : the success factors in the Dalkurd model of mental training using speedcoaching, hypnosis and a prestigeless development algorithm The Dalkurd model of mental training was introduced… Continue Reading →

What is good therapy?

The English word therapy comes Greek and means “curing” or “healing”. It can be applied to a psychological outcome, such as the changing of a thought, feeling or behavior, in general, depression for example, or in a specific situation such as fear of flying…. Continue Reading →

Sleight of Mouth – Verbal Aikido

Sleight of Mouth is a kind of verbal Aikido – a method to confront and change arguments that was developed by Robert Dilts and Richard Bandler – today one of the people who teach it is Doug O’Brien – an experienced… Continue Reading →

Cobalt Lighting Controls

Lighting control is an interesting sector. Even if almost every stage in the world, from the larger opera houses, theaters, television studios, clubs, schools and houses of worship has lights to enhance the experience they offer, and even if there… Continue Reading →

The Ten Wonders of Communication

Time 4, 8 or 16 hours (1-2 days) Price per participator or as a package.   An inspiring workshop in practical and creative communication skills, efficient thought processes and strategic stress management. Efficient and creative communication is the result of having the right tools… Continue Reading →

Voices about Ulf

Here are some voices about Ulf Frank Pettersson, Goalkeeper in Dalkurd FF “A 4 hour long workshop about mental training flew by, I could have listened 4 more. Put the name Ulf Sandström on your list. Some of us were speed-coached… Continue Reading →

Resolving Yesterday – New Book!

Resolving Yesterday – First Aid for Stress and Trauma with TTT This is the book for everybody who wants a practical way to help themselves or somebody else find peace of mind (and body) in the footsteps of emotional turmoil… Continue Reading →

Freedom – Our Responsibility

This is a video from my colleague Gunilla Hamne in Peaceful Heart Network and myself, presenting our work with First Aid for Stress and Trauma, for the International Conference ‘Freedom – Our Responsibility’ in South Africa 2014. Check the conference here: www.zafor.org

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