I work as an artist, hypnotist & mental trainer, Trauma Tapper, photographer, consultant for product development, technical writing, theatre lighting, child carrying devices and health monitoring systems. If you are traveling outside the box, I may be of help.

“Working together with Ulf Sandström was a wonderfully eye-opening experience. Driven by a high level of professionalism and an infectious enthusiasm, Ulf approached the various tasks not only with vast experience but also with an intuitive and artistic eye. In particular, he was very successful in breaking ingrained patterns of thought and offering different perspectives from which to view the issues at hand.” Hugo Ticciati, world class solo violinist.


You may have heard about Advanced Mental Coaching with Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, New Code NLP and Somatic Therapies like Trauma Tapping. If You Are Curious to discover these extremely efficient methods to create states of motivation, Time Slicing, self confidence training, health efficiency, trauma release, hypnobirthing and healthy Group Dynamics, or maybe you just want to explore your mind, Call Me.

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The Confidence Boost app for iphone is now available in English and Swedish.

Are you involved in situations where Post Traumatic Stress is a challenge? We are working with some ground breaking new approaches to Trauma Treatment in Rwanda and D.R. Congo among other places. If you want a 2 day workshop including certification, a seminar or taking part of our research activities in Peaceful Heart Network Contact me >>


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