Röster om Ulf

Frank Pettersson, Goalkeeper in Dalkurd FF
“A 4 hour long workshop about mental training flew by, I could have listened 4 more. Put the name Ulf Sandström on your list. Some of us were speed-coached with hypnosis after, and to call the experience mindblowing is probably an understatement.”

Michael Grinder, Michael Grinder & Associates, Inc
“I consider you to be one of the most creative visionary and intelligent people I know – I value you and hope that we have a professional relationship for many years. Your style and assets are divergent & brainstorming.” 

Joshua Pipic, Your Majesty, New York
“My experience with Ulf was uplifting and truly inspiring! Thank you for introducing some extremely valuable life concepts.”

Hugo Ticciati, World class solo violinist
“Working together with Ulf Sandström was a wonderfully eye-opening experience. Driven by a high level of professionalism and an infectious enthusiasm, Ulf approached the various tasks not only with vast experience but also with an intuitive and artistic eye. In particular, he was very successful in breaking ingrained patterns of thought and offering different perspectives from which to view the issues at hand.”

Emma Valk, Your Majesty, New York
“The connection I felt with Ulf was amazing. If felt so secure with him and the way he took time and patience for every individual, was truly amazing. I learnt so much from my session and am processing it until this very day. Ulf really helped me moving forward. I can’t thank him enough for his precious time.”

Meeta Sharma, The Healing Temple in New Delhi, India
“I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to you, in fact today even a year of having met you I still talk about the way you taught us. I have attended so many courses and leaned from so many people, met so many people in this field of work but I have never till date come across someone like you with such extradionary energy and vibes, you are truly blessed. I wish you all the success… 🙂 I was extremely inspired, it was wonderful to have you as a teacher. I have till date met very few people who truly inspire and you would be on top of the list!”

Matte Lagerwall, Professional Music Performer
“I have worked together with Ulf in recording and promotion projects for the Boppers, web and photo work, as musician on and off stage. Ulf is very talented in all the projects he gets involved in and I sometimes wonder when or if he ever sleeps… He has an energy that compared, makes a Top fuel V8 seem weak. If you want a straight forward answer and input on an artistic idea you will get it from Ulf, I highly recommend him.”

NilsOla Nilsson, Independent Media Production Professional
“Ulf is about the best team leader I ever had. He is creative and inspiring, and at the same time makes you feel happy and satisfied with the work done.”

Sarah Clausen, Senior Product Manager, GmbH at Electronic Theatre Controls
“Ulf is an incredibly productive and highly valued member of our team. He is creative and is always thinking “outside the box”.”

Sven Edelönn, Owner, Nöjesfabriken i Jkpg AB
“This formidable musician, performer, citizen of the world and artist with words, should be one of the best of this time. Definitely an entertainer of rank, who is as much at home in a small nightclub as in front of many thousands at a concert.”

Dr Rajni and Dr Bhaskar Vyas, Gynecologist and surgeon, stem cell researchers, hypnotherapists, India
“Altruism is abundance: abundance has no boundaries. Salute to the discoverers of Trauma Tapping Technique.”

Per Boysen, Musician, speaker, author, consultant
“In my profession as a freelance journalist I have many times worked together with Ulf Sandström as my field photographer. He not only masters the artistic side of taking great photos, you can also count on him to deliver on deadline or, if that is not possible, tell you so even on square one. I know Ulf is also doing a lot of other good work, as a writer, programmer and musician and maybe more that I just can’t dream about. Anyway, whatever this guy touches, I think he will do just great.”

Teaching Presentation Skills at Karolinska Institutet
2198-2 HT14 Social kompetens
For PhD Students at Karolinska Institutet together with Anna Hildenbrand Wachtmeister

“It was by far the most useful, informative and best course I have attended during my PhD”
“This is an excellent course and you have to continue giving this course for future doctoral students! It´s neccessary with this knowledge!”
“Ulf’s lesson on body language during oral presentation were incredibly helpful. I feel more comfortable with presenting my research thanks to this course.”
“The teachers were great, 100% there, giving feedback and make us participate actively. This course was ‘out of the box’. Courses like this make a difference between world-leading and ‘small’ universities.”
“Anna HW and Ulf S for all feed back and good advices.”
“This course was one of the best courses I have ever taken. I really appreciated all the knowledge we acquired regarding the presentation skills as well as Cooperation management. There was a great friendly atmospher during the course that made it even more productive. I enjoyed every minute of it.”
“Close mentorship of the instructors, Anna and Ulf; Course content; Relevance of practicality of research knowledge translation; Variety of methodology to learn (group work/being filmed/didactic/presentations)”

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