Are you living your full potential?

At times simple thoughts stop us from living our full potential. It can be a simple thing like reaching the right weight, how you feel about public speaking fear of flying or traumatic memories that persist triggering your alarm system. Mental training is a simple and extremely efficient method involving hypnosis to help you remodel any thought pattern, feeling or habit in 1-3 hours. If you should discover that this is possible, what would change?


Is your company operating at it’s full potential?

Every company, regardless of size, has hidden talent and potential. Company coaching is a simple, cost-efficient and extremely fast way to lift your corporate head from the road and update your mutual map of where you are going, and how to best get there with a fully motivated team. It takes 1-5 days. What is it worth to have the complete picture?


  • Hypnobirthing
  • Release negative thoughts
  • Better motivation
  • Lose fear or phobia
  • Find your self confidence

How much time will be involved?
1-3 sessions of 90 min.

What is the investment?
130 Euro/1.200 SEK per session.

Company coaching

  • Find hidden talent
  • Eliminate high maintenance issues
  • Eliminate frustrating and boring workflow
  • Asses and evaluate efficiency
  • Define compay goals and mission statement

Depending on the size of the company it takes 1-5 days, You will get a profile for your companies personal and group motivational strategies compared to your business strategy allowing you to perform in tune.

“An entertaining and perspective-widening experience to remember. I saw results from my individual session the same day. Thanks Ulf!” —James Widegren

“My experience with Ulf was uplifting and truly inspiring! Thank you for introducing some extremely valuable life concepts.” —Joshua Pipic

“The connection I felt with Ulf was amazing. If felt so secure with him and the way he took time and patience for every individual, was truly amazing. I learnt so much from my session and am processing it until this very day. Ulf really helped me moving forward. I can’t thank him enough for his precious time.” —Emma Valk

The Confidence Boost app for iphone is now available in English and Swedish.