The Art of  Time Slicing®

-The art of burning with passion without getting burned!

Today more than ever those of us who live in stable democracies can choose education, career and hobbies. We can start a family and trust that there are resources and an infrastructure for schooling, health care and vacation. A dream scenario. We should be the most harmonious people on earth. Still, stress is one of the root causes for most of the diseases we are challenged with. Mental health, specifically for women and children, is forecast to rocket these next years, despite the fact that we enjoy a gender equality higher than 90% of the rest of the world. We have a starting field for our lives that most people dream of, and still we get burned out, walk into walls, chronic pain syndromes and depression. What have we missed?

Stress is our greatest challenge, and the last thing we need, is a way to push more things into our days. We need a way to bring balance back into our daily lives, an equilibrium between career and private lives, family, dreams, adventure and safety. Maybe we don’t have a natural forum for the bigger questions, or a clear strategy for the small ones. What if all we need are some new tools, a structure and fine tuning our inner GPS to helps us sort out what is truly important, after all?


The Art of Time Slicing contains these tools, the structure and the fine tuning of our inner GPS – and it takes no more than a couple of workshops to understand and integrate them into our lives. What is that worth?

For a company it means that the people who are passionate about their job can avoid burnout, which keeps intellectual capital inside the company, instead of on sick leave. For you as a private person it means you can define what is truly important, and make room for it, in time.

Time Slicing will allow you to understand

  • What stress is, and what it brings
  • How to control your own stress responses
  • How we humans can be conditioned, and de-conditioned
  • How we can have strategies that confuse us, that we are not aware of
  • What is truly important to us
  • How to create a plan to achieve it
  • How to actually do it, step by step
  • How to playfully create the map, through Dreamboarding

You can learn the basics of Time Slicing in 3 hours, or you can do anyone of the one day modules, in any order.


Every module entails 170 Euros
If you are a student, retired or on sick leave 90 E

Basic Time Slicing
The practical basics of Time Slicing. You will be able to apply it the same night.

Motivation, inspiration and Core Values
Get the keys to your motivation, handle your inspiration and become aware of your core values and how they are connected to your driving life force.

A practical, creative and fun method for finding out the road leading to your dreams, step by step.