I propose it is time for a modern version of the Hippocratic and Osteopathic oath for every therapeutic practise, including those involving hypnosis. This revision was made in collaboration with Fredrik Praesto. Read the full article on www.InternationalHypnotistsGuild.com >>

The New Therapeutic Oath

I do hereby affirm my loyalty to the profession I am about to enter. I will be mindful always of my great responsibility to preserve the health, the emotional balance and life of my clients. To retain their confidence and respect in that I will guard their secrets with scrupulous honor and fidelity. To perform faithfully my professional duties. To employ every possible method of treatment consistent with good judgment, with my skill and abilities, keeping in mind always nature’s laws and the body and minds inherent capacity and will for recovery.

I will be ever vigilant in aiding the general welfare of the community, never engaging in those practices which will in any way bring shame or discredit upon myself or my profession. 

I will always look with and open minded critical respect and curiosity upon every old and new technique presented as a tool in my profession, knowing that it is my personal responsibility to decide what tools to use for the best of my clients. I will strive to keep my mind open and regard every client as unique, and every symptom and strategy as something that may have a valuable intent, regardless of my own values. 

I will ever be prepared to share my experiences and learnings with those who wish to learn, and affirm their loyalties to the same values as I have defined here. I will ever be alert to further the application of basic truths to the healing arts and to develop the principles of change work and therapeutic interventions for the well being of my clients.

I will endeavor to work in accord with my colleagues in a spirit of progressive cooperation, and never by work or by act cast imputations upon them or their rightful practices. At the same time I will endeavor to look for the best of my clients emotional and mental welfare in all situations, and be prepared to act against misuse of this profession, should it come to my awareness. I will be informed about the ethics, insurances and laws that govern my profession and the safety of my client in my area of work. I will always take full responsibility for my actions.