This popped into my head in the voice of a Rasta Fari.

“An we will prosper”, he said

and truly he an she who prosper DO prosper…
bat wattabout da rest?

I did not claw myself out
of the womb of my creating mudda
in a pile of blood
to have somebody else
claim my rights of birth

We all have a part
in da nature and ridim of da earth
of da fruits an wines
an da sun dat shines

One tribe
One unity
One love
we will not rest
until da last monger of Babylon
leaves da temple
and his sick way of life

Saving her pile of riches
like a psychotic hamster
more dan he can eat
more dan she can drink
while bradda an sista
are cryin in starvation
drowned by a sensurround sound sistem
an a bigger dan life flat tv

Rise to da truth an sincerity
of da universe
we are not atoms of higher an lower degree
we are humanity!