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What is good therapy?

The English word therapy comes Greek and means “curing” or “healing”. It can be applied to a psychological outcome, such as the changing of a thought, feeling or behavior, in general, depression for example, or in a specific situation such as fear of flying…. Continue Reading →

Voices about Ulf

Here are some voices about Ulf Frank Pettersson, Goalkeeper in Dalkurd FF “A 4 hour long workshop about mental training flew by, I could have listened 4 more. Put the name Ulf Sandström on your list. Some of us were speed-coached… Continue Reading →

Mental Training & Hypnosis

I work with Hypnosis as a coaching and therapeutic intervention, using the tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming combined with my experiences from working with Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma Tapping for genocide survivors in Rwanda and survivors of war and… Continue Reading →

Time Slicing® – An Introduction

A life-changing event, understanding how the answer is why! This is a short presentation – read the full presentation here>> Time Slicing is a practical approach for defining, learning and applying tools that will allow your every minute to count. Regardless… Continue Reading →

Horse Jumping (case)

This is one of those cases  with unwanted emotional and physical responses that had no clear cause or origin. I call this the illogical connection of trauma. I was helping a man who had developed a mortal fear of horse… Continue Reading →

Hypnosis for Dental Operation (case)

I had a client of 82 years that was to have five front teeth removed, and she was allergic to narcosis and claimed anesthesia did not work with her. She was also very nervous about the whole thing. I put… Continue Reading →

Piano Exploration (mp3)

If you feel like going exploring with me, please be welcome. This is a moment of… this.. 😀 Run free…  Share it with whoever you wish to. //

Dental Anxiety Management

HOAM, Hands On Anxiety Management for dental care is a two day workshop I have developed with Fredrik Praesto. It allows you to master simple but very efficient hands on hypnotic techniques, Trauma Tapping and applied Neuro Linguistics for dental workers…. Continue Reading →

Corporate Hypnosis in NY

Your Majesty NY was treated to three days of group and individual hypnosis sessions led by renown Swedish hypnotist, Ulf Sandström! Ulf specializes in advanced mental coaching with hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, new code NLP and somatic therapies like trauma tapping…. Continue Reading →

Little Bird & Zebra

I wrote this about the concept of Trauma Tapping in the tradition of African Storytelling. Illustration by my friend and illustrator Gerard Osenele Ukpan. A Little Bird This is the story about the gazelle that cannot sleep, and at the… Continue Reading →

Hypnotherapist & Coach

Ulf Sandström Stockholm, Sweden Master Trainer – International Hypnotists Guild Trauma Tapping Instructor – Peaceful Heart Network Hypnobirthing Intstructor – Hypnobirthing Society Sweden NLP-practitioner – board member of NLP Society of Sweden Resumé I am specialized in trauma working with Hypnosis  using… Continue Reading →

Life Instructions

WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE Welcome to life. This is a manual to your human existence regardless of religion, politics and race. Unpacking the box These are programmed into your genetic code from the factory. Some can be changed, check your… Continue Reading →

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