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Resolving Yesterday – New Book!

Resolving Yesterday – First Aid for Stress and Trauma with TTT This is the book for everybody who wants a practical way to help themselves or somebody else find peace of mind (and body) in the footsteps of emotional turmoil… Continue Reading →

Freedom – Our Responsibility

This is a video from my colleague Gunilla Hamne in Peaceful Heart Network and myself, presenting our work with First Aid for Stress and Trauma, for the International Conference ‘Freedom – Our Responsibility’ in South Africa 2014. Check the conference here:

Whiskey In The Corner Of The Bar (lyrics) (video)

This is a song I wrote for our album Tasty – and the video is something I tested on an online video creation tool to evaluate… what’s your take?

Piano Exploration (mp3)

If you feel like going exploring with me, please be welcome. This is a moment of… this.. 😀 Run free…  Share it with whoever you wish to. //

Dental Anxiety Management

HOAM, Hands On Anxiety Management for dental care is a two day workshop I have developed with Fredrik Praesto. It allows you to master simple but very efficient hands on hypnotic techniques, Trauma Tapping and applied Neuro Linguistics for dental workers…. Continue Reading →

Little Bird & Zebra

I wrote this about the concept of Trauma Tapping in the tradition of African Storytelling. Illustration by my friend and illustrator Gerard Osenele Ukpan. A Little Bird This is the story about the gazelle that cannot sleep, and at the… Continue Reading →

Life Instructions

WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE Welcome to life. This is a manual to your human existence regardless of religion, politics and race. Unpacking the box These are programmed into your genetic code from the factory. Some can be changed, check your… Continue Reading →

A second test

Now we will se how long we can make this linte before we think it is so very long that it is even longer and longer and most long less shorter horter morter and we can add this it will… Continue Reading →

Are Sardines the answer?

“In the mornings, he would dip his sardines in his milky coffee, without even thinking about it. Ever since the light beam abducted his loved ones he had adopted a pragmatic view of life. If it couldn’t be explained, it… Continue Reading →

Best d_rn books I´ve read!

I tour. A lot. All over the world. This provides me with excellent conditions for reading. I love books that entertain, mesmerize, enlighten and confuse. Out of chaos comes… mayhem? Just kidding. New chaos. Better chaos. Since I usually feel… Continue Reading →

Let Babylon Fall!

This popped into my head in the voice of a Rasta Fari. “An we will prosper”, he said and truly he an she who prosper DO prosper… bat wattabout da rest? I did not claw myself out of the womb… Continue Reading →

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